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Behind Every Business is a Story

It's your business and your story and no one knows your story better than you. Netvatise is here to help you communicate your story verbally and graphically and to bring your business identity to the forefront.

Who you are, how you began and where you are going?

Netvatise is here to help you brand your company if you are a start up business or even if you are an existing business that needs to do some re-branding. From company identity to product launching, we work with you to establish the right branding for your business.

Helping our clients succeed is part of what we do and we have provided companies with solutions which drive performance.

Business Cards

Our designers will work with you to help convey your brand in a professional and concise manner.

We can help you create a company image which you will be proud to represent.

Corporate Intranet

We started with the creation and development of our own office intranet which made it easy for our company and employees to communicate with each other. System is also set up to communicate with our clients and potential customers with secure access for new client set up. We have actually provided our corporate intranet services to two of our clients who saw our office intranet set up.

Custom Programming

Tell us what you have in mind and how you want it to work. Netvatise will bring your ideas to reality.

To give you an idea on some of our past custom programming work:

Backend Lounge for Weed Man Canada

  • Password protected member lounge
  • Allowed members to post topics in a forum and reply to forum posts
  • Email communication for all members within the network.
  • Ability to post work training materials and videos for member access.

Custom Email Program for Weed Man Canada

  • Create email campaigns for client and employee marketing
  • Created a variety of email templates which could be used for email marketing
  • Ability to create different email groups
  • Tracking email function to let you know if emails sent were opened or discarded

Custom Parking Program

  • Created program for parking lot to monitor cars parking in the lot
  • Management and employee level access
  • Tracking of parking ticket expiration
  • Ability to track multiple parking locations

Database Integration

Netvatise has created a variety of databases for different companies. From large scale databases for mid size companies to small scale databases for individuals. We can create custom websites and implement whatever database features you need or we can create a database and add it to an existing website. Speak to us and tell us what you need and we can provide you with a quote and timeline to get your project going.

E-Commerce Websites

You can choose one of our E-Commerce templates or we can do custom work depending on your needs. Our E-Commerce solution incorporates the Pay Pal method of payment which is easy to use and FREE to register. With the use of Pay Pal customers can make purchases directly from your website with a use of any credit card or cheque, and the funds would be deposited directly into your bank account.

If you are unfamiliar with Pay Pal you can find out more information at PayPal. With our E-Commerce solutions you can sell just about anything online. So feel free to contact one of our E-Commerce specialists to discuss your needs.

Franchise Websites

Netvatise works with franchises to develop online marketing strategies that helps the franchise gain more exposure online. When it comes to franchise marketing on the web one of the biggest obstacle is keeping your franchise information consistent across all your franchises and developing unique content for your different franchises.

Another factor in increasing and maintaining your franchise web presence is keeping your website updated with new information. Having the opportunity of working with some franchises from their beginning of their franchising life, we know that getting franchisees to update their websites is sometimes a dawning task. We have developed programs and strategies which make it easier for the franchises to send us information which we can use to update their websites on a more consistent basis which helps the overall online franchise marketing strategies.

As a franchisor we know you want to help your franchises be successful as it creates an overall better name about your brand which will in turn drive more interest into other potential franchise buyers. Our overall franchise marketing strategies is to get all your franchises more online exposure which drives more traffic to your brand which in turns give you the opportunity of selling more franchises.

Mobile Application Development

View App Layout Examples

Native Apps

We create mobile applications for IOS and Android devices. Mobile device use continues to grow and soon it will surpass the use of desktop computers and laptops. Netvatise likes to stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can deliver our services to businesses who also know the importance of keeping up with technology to keep their brand in front of their existing customers and potential new ones.

Native Apps are built for particular devices and their operating system. The app runs through the operating system and for most does not require internet access to run which is a key feature in today's fast paced business world of information and technology.

Web Apps

Web apps are apps that are created to run in any browser can be installed on mobile devices without having to go through the actual app stores. Web Apps work through the web and can be accessible as long as you have an internet connection. The ability to make updates and maintain Web Apps without having to install the updates or software across thousands of computers is one of the key reasons to web app popularity.

If you're considering making your company or brand more mobile and want to keeping up with the mobile technology give us a call and we can figure out what would best meet your business needs.

Search Engine Optimization

If you plan on being in business for a long time then it's a must to advertise your business online. The best and most cost effective method of online advertising is to create a website with optimization so the search engines can find your website and list it organically.

With search engine optimization the process of getting your website ranked takes longer over the paid advertising method. It can normally take your website anywhere from 3 months and up before it achieves first page ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. One of the biggest benefit of SEO is once your website is listed organically on the search engines, visitors can click on your website as often as they want and it doesn't cost you anything like the paid advertising does.

When you use programs like Ad Words which is pay per click advertising, it can be very costly especially if you're in a high competitive market or industry. The click charges can add up on a daily basis which can lead to a lot of money spent over the year.

Our SEO prices are based on the industry you're targeting and the competitiveness of the key words you're trying to go after. If you have a website which isn't being found by potential customers or if you're just getting started with a new business please feel free to contact one of our SEO experts to discuss your needs.

Web Video Solutions

Online video in 2012 was one of the fastest growing statistics growing nearly 55% according to eMarketer.

Bring your business to life with a custom animated message. Retain customers on your website longer and give them something to talk about and remember after they leave your website. This will help bring customers back and also help with getting more traffic to your website from word of mouth referrals.

Videos can help increase sales and revenue simply because you can get your message to consumers faster and in shorter time span.

  • YouTube's Vice President of Global Content Robert Kyncl said that video would soon be 90% of Internet traffic. (Forbes) SO without the implementation of video on your website you could eventually be missing out on this huge predicted search growth.
  • 50% of smartphone users watch web video on their mobile device.

Our customer are no longer just desktop users. With mobile search on a significant rise it's important to get your companies video out there. The fact is videos work so you should make it a part of your marketing strategy.

Web Design

Netvatise offers affordable web design solutions for any type of business.

Are you a new business and don't have a large budget to get your business off the ground and online? We can help! Choose from a variety of website templates we provide and find a layout you like. We will then customize the template to your business by changing colors, images and updating the website with your content. Our templates are mobile friendly to meet the requirements of Google and other search engines and our website templates are also SEO ready.

Although the website templates are listed under categories please note we can use any website from any category and have it appeal to any business industry.

Our pricing for using one of our website templates is very affordable which you will find out by giving us a call and speaking with one of our online representatives.

For businesses who have special requests and requirements, YES we do custom web design work as well so don't hesitate to contact us and fill us in on what you have in mind and we can provide you with a Project Quote

Mobile Responsive Web Design

With the future of Internet searches on the rise with mobile devices and tablets it's important for businesses to keep up to speed with the most important part of their business which is their customers.

There are different ways to create a mobile friendly website and we at Netvatise are well up to speed in our industry.

About Our Services

Our services are tailored for anyone who wants to grow or expand their business online. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business, medium business, or a large organization, we will find the best program to fit your budget. Internet advertising has never been easier.

We will provide you with a professional website and hosting if you do not have an online program already in place for your business. We will also register your website address for you as long as the URL is available, and provide you with search engine placement so your online business will be found when people are looking for what you offer on the web. Online marketing for your business made simple!

Unlike other companies we understand that there are a lot of seasonal advertisers, that's why we let you advertise when it's right for you.

A consultation with one of our sales professionals will indicate to us exactly what your needs are, our research is then conducted and prices will be clearly stated in writing. Our consultation will give you a true understanding about internet advertising so that you can have a realistic expectation about your online marketing.

Service Agreements

NetVatise will provide everything for you in writing so you have a clear understanding of what you're getting.

Once the paperwork is in your hands one of our sales professionals will go through it with you, if you have any questions they can be answered. Once the verification of the agreement is completed, your signature will be required to show you are in consent and agreement of the proposal.

The service agreement is their for records so at anytime if in doubt of your services, NetVatise and its clients can review the document to insure that the service promised is the service being received.