The best way to use the website SMS feature is to have a dedicated mobile phone for your business which you can receive a text message and get back to a customer within a reasonable time during business hours. Society is moving fast so keep up to speed with the latest trends and new technology.

Netvatise Inc- Website SMS Feature.

For the past few years, Google has been driving home their mobile first mantra. Last year Google introduced a new feature to adwords which allows customers to send businesses a text message through their Google ad. The Google stats show that the text message extension is clicked on almost as much as the call extension.

"97% of smartphone users use texting and it's also the app they use most frequently"

With this in mind, Netvatise has created its own SMS gateway that can be added to websites which would allow customer to send a text message to your business right from your website. Please keep in mind that customers can still call you or send an email if they choose too. Adding the text option just provides another option for your business to generate a lead. Here are a couple of links that provides some information on the growth of SMS online.

AdWords targets SMS growth with new ‘click to message’ feature New Google Click-To-Message Ads Extension Connects Consumers To Companies Over SMS

If you would like to test the text feature please feel free to give us a call and provide your cell phone number and we would be happy to walk you through a demo. Here is the demo link - (keep in mind this is currently linked to our cell number so if you test it without having us change the cell number in our database your text will come to our office.) You can see some examples of companies already using the website SMS feature:

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