This Months Web Trend

Netvatise, 28 July 2015

Material Design (Lite) is a visual language created by Google. The MDL components are created with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. These components are used with Material Design structure to construct web pages and web apps that are reliable, striking and functional. Pages that are developed with MDL will stick to modern web design principles like device independence and browser portability.

Material Design (Lite) uses paper elements; this allows a developer to approach design from a more modular approach; For Instance, a developer can plug a MDL graph into an existing website without using other material design components.

Google says MDL is framework agnostic, and can be used with just about any front-end solution a web designer or developer might want to use.

If you’re interested in using MDL, Google offers a variety of UI elements such as spinners, text-fields, buttons and tool tips available to use for your website. Google has also taken care of the mobile friendliness of your MDL enabled website with the use of responsive grids and breakpoints that follow Material Design and adaptive UI guidelines.

Get a head start on your next modern app with the MDL framework!

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